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Modifying Quick Find Search Columns

The following example shows how to check the default search columns and change them if necessary. In this case, the steps below describe how to modify the columns on one of the most commonly used views, the Active Accounts view. This is such an important view because for many organizations, the list of Accounts represents the largest and most commonly used data sets of all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

In the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Navigation Pane, click Settings.
In the Customization sub-area, click Customize Entities.
In the Customize Entities view, double-click to open Account.
In the left hand navigation area of the Account entity form, click Forms and Views.
Double-click to open the Quick Find Active Accounts view.
In the Common Tasks area, click Add Find Columns.
In the Add Find Columns dialog, mark the check boxes for the columns that you want to include in your Quick Find search and clear any check boxes for columns you want to remove. Click OK to close the dialog.
Click the Save and Close button to save the changes and return to the Account entity form.
From the Actions menu of the Account entity form, select Publish.
The Add Find Columns dialog box displays all fields available for the Account entity. Any fields that have the check box selected are fields that are searched when users use the Quick find feature.

For example, if Account Name and Account Number are selected, the Quick Find feature searches both Account Name and Account Number columns to find records that match that text.

IMPORTANT: To minimize the performance effect on the Microsoft SQL Server that is used for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whenever possible, it is recommended to select three or fewer columns.