CRM integration into Skydrive


Last week I was asked to assist a user in Russia to integrate Skrydrive into CRM.
Skydrive is a online document mangement system provided by Microsoft using your windows live id.

This is fairly simple to do:
Download the CRM demonstration Toolkit and run it on the CRM server.
Connect to your CRM installation.
Open the SiteMap editor
Select the "Open from CRM" option.

You will notice that your sitemap is loaded in a easy to use UI editor.Having grouped your areas and subareas respectively.

Add a Area called Documents
Add Under (Documents)
On Documents select "Add Under" this will give a window with a drop down to CRM entities and a URL.
Use the URL Option. (You should have created a online skydrive account.Login into skydrive and copy the url for your document library.)
Paste the Url in the URL field
Icon URL (Your choice of icon)
Select "Publish to CRM"
Open CRM /Refresh CRM

You should have a Area called "Documents " in the navigational tree.
When opening, this will open your document library on skydrive.

Easy as falling out of a tree,just remember to let go of the branch.....:)