Microsoft Dynamics CRM Bulk Update and Export tool

Orbit One is a software development agency located in Ghent, Belgium.They specialize in internet facing websites, intranet and extranet applications.They use technologies such as ASP.Net, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.http://www.orbitone.com/

Makes it easier for people to update and/or export data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. You won't need to do everything manually. Let the computer do the work, you do the thinking. It's developed in C# on the microsoft CRM SDK.

You can save your connection. We are a hosting company and we have 6 different CRM instances on 3 different servers, so this is quite nice.
One of our clients has 15.000+ records in their contacts. Because CRM returns only 5.000 records for each request, I can’t update them all in one go. This was changed by making multiple requests if necessary.
Access all the records and all the fields. In the MSCRM 4.0 Bulk Data Export Tool you can only use the tool on Advanced find views. I allow you to use the tool on the main entity. Which is really helpfull in some cases.
Change lookup fields.
It allows you to choose the Authentication type. You can connect to CRM with Active Directory, SPLA, Passport
You can export the data you got from CRM to Excel. Then you can do all your updates in Excel (with vlookup and such).
You can import the date and send it back to CRM.
You can see the update progress on the fly
If an error where to occur you can see the error by hovering over the error field.
Create bulk deletion jobs
You can correct the error or do minor changes in the tool's datagrid itself. Only the changed records will be sent to CRM upon update
Choose the csv delimiters
Define your own color codes for errors, changes, uploaded