CRM Configuration Manager

I Came across this great tool from Daniel Halan, for deploying customizationsfor MSCRM across multiple server deployments.

The CRM Configuration Manager is a Windows application to create an Export / Import selection that can later be exported as a command prompt string for later use, or execute directly inside the application. The main features of CRM Configuration Manager are,

•Easy access to the features of CRM Customization Manager
•Possible to select a CRM server as destination, allowing one click export and import.
•Create advance export/import selections for later use inside scripts / installations
This release includes CRM Customization Manager v2.0 that contains fixes and few new features,

•JavaScript Export/Import, This allows you to extract JavaScript to a local folder, where you can work in a proper script editor, and later import them back. You can also create new javascripts in the same folder, just follow the name convention and they will also be imported to the correct entity / event.
•Zip support, Now all features works with zipped customizations
•Include Related Entities, This features will automatically include related entities to the selected entities, so their relationships are exported and can be reviewed for conflicts. This is recommended during the development process when relationships may change.
•Publish Workflows, Publish operation now also publishes workflows

Download the application by clicking on the post heading.